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 We've Moved

Our organization is growing! Because of this, our office has moved to a larger location. You can now find us at 335 Maxwell Crescent in Regina, SK.

Contact Info and Map

Welcome New Staff Members!

We are excited to have four new additions to the SASS team!

Kristina is our project coordinator for the Violence Against Women Advocate Case Review (VACR). She is currently working with Regina Sexual Assault Centre and the Regina Police Service to launch the first Saskatchewan review of sexual assault files. She is also assisting the Saskatchewan RCMP with their file review process, and Third Party Anonymous Reporting. 
Ashley is our new Communications Specialist who is working to achieve increased brand awareness, funding opportunities and recognition of SASS and its member agencies as experts on sexual violence within the province of Saskatchewan.
Brook runs our social media and networking platforms to promote community engagement and spread awareness about our organization. She will be working closely with Ashley on SASS's brand.
Kayla has been hired as the office's Administrative Assistant, after starting work with SASS as a practicum student in January.  


 Trauma Informed Training

North East Outreach and Support Services will host a full-day Trauma-Informed Training on October 16th through 18th, form 9am to 5pm at the Affinity Room in Kerry Vickar Center. Registration required. 

First Responder Training

Piwapan Women's Centre is offerring First Responder to Sexual Abuse and Assault Training in La Ronge, SK. The two day training will be held on October 7-8, 2019. Please contact Ginny Chen at (306) 420-9946 or [email protected] to register.

First Responder Training

Envision Counseling and Support Centre is offering First Responder to Sexual Abuse and Assault Training to the Southeast on October 22-23, 2019. The training will be held in Estevan, SK. To reginster call (306) 637-4004 or email [email protected]

Board Members

PARTNERS Family Services is looking for two individuals who want to help shape the future direction of their organization through strategic planning, policy and governance to add to their Board of Directors. The Board meets on the first Tuesday of every month. If interrested contact them at  [email protected] 

Building Health Relationships

SIGN Life Skills is very excited to launch a youth program for Teen Wellness: Building Healthy Relationships. The program will be run in a fun and interactive format while providing information and activities to help youth develop skills to recognize and foster appropriate and healthy relationships. The Group runs every Wednesday from 4 to 5:30 at SIGN on Broadway.

Volunteer Opportunities! 

BASAC is seeking volunteers to assist with their crisis line calls
No experience necessary. Must have; a clean criminal record check, a driver’s license & access to a vehicle and be 18 years of age. Scheduled shifts are weekdays 5pm – 8:30 am, weekends and holidays. Cell phones are provided.

If you are interested, please call:

Take Back the Night

Regina Sexual Assault Centre is hosting Take Back the Night in Regina.They hope to come together as a community to raise awareness on how prevalent our cities struggle with sexual violence, prevent future violence and challenge social constructs that reinforce violence and rape culture. 
Saturday, October 5th at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
@ The University of Regina Greens



Saskatoon Sexual Assault and Information Center

The Saskatoon Sexual Assault & Information Centre is a Saskatoon-based, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to taking a leadership role in responding to sexualized violence in our community.

SSAIC offers individual and group counselling services to all victims of sexual violence, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

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Feds announce funding, special advisor to combat human trafficking

The federal government has appointed a special advisor to help combat human trafficking across Canada.

Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale announced the appointment, along with funding for a National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking, on Wednesday morning.


Regina city administration set to put body rub parlour discussion to rest

Regina's city administration is set to put the discussion on body rub parlours to rest Sep. 23.
It's still recommending massage parlours be regulated instead of banning them.
That's despite public meetings where the vast majority of speakers wanted an outright ban of the establishments.

We Know It Harms Kids to See Smoking on TV. What About Rape?

Just as research suggests that we should shield young viewers from seeing fictional depictions of smoking and suicide, studies indicate that watching rape scenes can also do harm.

More Men Are Speaking Up About Being Sexually Assaulted in the Military

The issue of sexual assault in the military is now widely acknowledged, and high-ranking military officials have started, due to sustained public pressure, to belatedly (if imperfectly) address it. And while the focus has largely been on the servicewomen who have been sexually assaulted, a new report from the New York Times is a reminder that sexual violence while serving in the armed forces affects large numbers of men as well. 

How The MeToo Rape Kit Became So Controversial So Fast

Madison Campbell was surprised late last week when Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel put out a press release about her two-month-old company, the MeToo Kit. Campbell, 23, created the MeToo Kit, which aimed to be the first at-home rape kit. It’s a box containing swabs for a sexual assault survivor to collect DNA evidence off their body, rather than going to a hospital for a full forensic examination. 


10 New #MeToo Movement Books To Read In Fall 2019

In fall 2019, a new crop of nonfiction releases — focusing on the #MeToo movement, rape culture, and sexual assault — are hitting bookstores.
A few of these books focus on the major stories of the #MeToo movement: The allegations of assault made against Harvey Weinstein by dozens of women, the hearing of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and two other women accused him of sexual misconduct, and the conviction of Brock Turner in the sexual assault of Chanel Miller (formerly known as Emily Doe) that resulted in him serving just three months in prison. Other books focus on the personal costs of sexual assault — how it can haunt and burden a person years after the experience. And others focus on rape culture in society at large and how it insidiously it seeps into pop culture, politics, business, and more.
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Be Brave Ranch

Clinical data results confirm the success of the Be Brave Ranch treatment program for boys and girls aged 8-12 and girls aged 13-16.  The results include highly significant reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety. Additionally, the intensive and comprehensive treatment program significantly improves self-esteem, cognitive abilities and resiliency. We believe this will lead to profound long-term benefits including reduced mental-health related issues and enriched outcomes for these children in the future.

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The Bystander Movement: Transforming Rape Cultute at its Roots

The #MeToo movement has shined much-needed light on the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and abuse and created unprecedented demand for gender violence prevention models that actually work. The Bystander Moment tells the story of one of the most prominent and proven of these models -- the innovative bystander approach developed by pioneering activist and writer Jackson Katz and his colleagues. In a riveting analysis illustrated with archival footage and clips from news, sports, and entertainment media, Katz explores the role of bystanders -- especially friends, teammates, classmates, and co-workers—in perpetuating sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other forms of gender violence. Katz also gives special attention to the peer culture dynamics -- in particular the male peer culture dynamics across race and ethnicity -- that help to normalize sexism and misogyny while silencing other men in the face of abuse.  Along the way, The Bystander Moment stresses the crucial importance of appealing to people not as potential perpetrators or passive spectators, but as active bystanders and potential leaders who have a positive role to play in challenging and changing the sexist cultural norms that too often lead to gender violence. The result is an indispensable educational tool in the ongoing struggle to prevent sexism and misogyny and promote gender equality.


The Consent Guidebook

The Consent Guidebook provides a practical, easy-to-follow framework that offers practical advice for establishing boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others, complete with illustrations of consensual and nonconsensual scenarios. Over thirty sex educators, health professionals, HR managers, civil rights leaders, and thought leaders have contributed their own consent advice, stories, and aha moments to this book to offer a variety of perspectives. Topics covered include The Basics of Boundaries, Digital Consent, The Assumption of Consent and the Pop Culture Connection, How to Have Productive Consent Conversations, and Holding Others Accountable, Enthusiastic Consent with Sex, Survivor Support, and more.

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Don't miss out on the following training opportunities:

       Vicarious Trauma - Strategies For Resilience
Nov. 5, 2019
Regina, SK

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to examine their own experiences and become aware of the signs of both vicarious trauma and vicarious growth. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a personalized plan to repair negative effects as well as accelerate their resilience.
     Critical Incident Group Debriefing
Oct. 8, 2019
Saskatoon, SK
Critical incidents are situations that occur outside of our normal frame of reference and challenge us to understand and cope with what has happened. Critical Incident Group Debriefing (CIGD) is a short-term group intervention process that focuses on an immediate event. CIGD is one of several methods that may be utilized to lessen the likelihood of people experiencing symptoms of trauma and stress after a critical incident. 


"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated." 

- Maya Angelou

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