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Saskatchewan Sexual Violence Action Plan

The Saskatchewan Sexual Violence Action Plan was released on May 13, 2019 at the beginning of Sexual Assault Awareness Week. The Action Plan outlines 22 actions to strengthen services, coordination, and prevention to enable a more comprehensive response to sexual violence. With the appropriate investment and engagement, this Action Plan puts us on the path to a province free from threat, fear, or experience of sexual violence. A huge thanks goes out to the multi-sectoral Provincial Advisory Committee that helped develop the Action Plan, our member agencies for their leadership and extraordinary work on the front-lines, and the survivors and their loved ones who are the driving force behind our work. 
You can dowload a copy of the action plan from our website or by clicking the link below. 
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Action Plan Research

This research project aims to garner a comprehensive understanding of sexual violence in Saskatchewan through an examination of sexual violence experiences as well as the existing strengths and gaps in service. The surveys examined instances of sexual assault among individuals in Saskatchewan, the context surrounding the assaults, the services used by sexual assault survivors, and their satisfaction with these services. The surveys examined sexual assault experiences from the perspective of survivors, their relatives and friends, and service providers.
The 70 page Survey Research Report is a summary of the survey portion of the research. Stay tuned for the release of the full Research Findings Report which includes findings from interviews, focus groups and surveys which will be released at a later date.
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New Member Agencies

SASS would like to welcome Legacy Ridge Trauma Recovery and Resource Center. They strive to educate, advocate, and enhance the continuum of holistic trauma services available to adult survivors of childhood sexual trauma and abuse while fostering community awareness, understanding and prevention.
We would also like to welcome back PARTNERS Family Services. 
PARTNERS Family Services provides Crisis Intervention Services, Interpersonal and Family Violence Support, Adult and Youth Counselling, Children Exposed to Violence Program, Triple P Parenting Programs, In Home Family Support and Outreach programs in Humboldt and the surrounding area.


Men and Healing Training

Join Piwapan Women's Centre for free training on male sexual victimization along with core intervention skills and strategies designed to empower frontline workers to actively intervene with male survivors. The training is open to all agency members.
May 22-24 9am - 5pm
Contact Ginny Chen at 306-420-6403 or [email protected]

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2019

North East Outreach and Support Services invites everyone to participate in our “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” event being held in Tisdale on May 28, 2019. The Walk a Mile event is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes and effects of domestic, sexualized and gender violence. Women and children can walk as well in support of victims or the men who walk.

Sexual Violence & The LGBTQ2S Community: A lunch and learn on how to build inclusive practices to support Queer survivors

 Attendees will learn appropriate terminology, rates of sexual violence throughout the LGBTQ2S community, how to support queer survivors of sexual violence, and best practices in creating programing, outreach, and general services. Attendees will also receive resources from SSAIC and OUTSaskatoon that will aid them in increasing their knowledge and in creating inclusive environments for queer survivors.
Date and Time: Thurs, May 30th - Noon to 1:30pm

Envision is all about people’s needs and filling gaps

Envision Counselling is celebrating its silver anniversary this May. These 25 years the non-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the community and filling existing gaps in counselling services offered in the southeast.

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes

BASAC hosted their Walk A Mile in Her Shoes on May14!
The International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence fundraiser . The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes, effects and remediations to men’s sexualized violence against women.

SIGN is Celebrating 50 years!

"We would like to thank the community for your support of SIGN over the past 50 years and for the wonderful celebration of our organization held on Friday May 10th! Over 350 community members, businesses and organizations helped us celebrate our 50th Anniversary. We look forward to continuing to serve and work collaboratively with our communities!"

Art Therapy Workshop

PARTNERS Family Services is holding another Art Therapy workshop in June. If you are interested in attending please register by calling 306-682-4135.
The workshop id FREE and will be held at Humboldt Public School Library on Saturday June 22, 2019 9:30am-12:30pm.

Advocate Case Review Pilot

The Victim Advocate Case Review Regina pilot was announced on May 6! To address this systemic challenge, SASS and Regina Sexual Assault Centre (RSAC) have partnered with Sunny Marriner, who is the subject matter expert and creator of the Victim Advocate Case Review (VACR) Model. RSAC will be working to review police files, with the goal of identifying issues and gaps in investigations. The process hopes to improve police response and outcomes for those who report.The review highlights the existing partnership between RSAC and the Regina Police Service and will allow enhancment of services for survivors of sexual violence. 


North East Outreach and Support Services

North East Outreach and Support Services enhances the safety and wellness, and nurtures personal growth, of individuals and families in crisis in North Eastern Saskatchewan.
They provide a short term emergency women's shelter, personal violence prevention and support, community outreach, a 24 hour crisis line, public awareness and prevention.

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SSAIC Newsletter

 #Uhavethepower campaign underway in Lethbridge to stop sexual violence

The #MeToo movement swept across North America in 2017 but was actually founded in 2006 as a way to help survivors of sexual violence find healing. Now, a Lethbridge initiative is looking to continue that work.

New talk-text-chat line to help sexual assault survivors

Sexual assault survivors won’t have to wait for office hours to get help.

On May 6, the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) will launch the One Line for Sexual Violence, a 24-hour talk-text-and-chat service will provide private, confidential support and information and boost access to specialized services for survivors of sexual violence. 
SSAIC Newsletter

Could BC’s New Anti-SLAPP Law Help #MeToo Survivors?

In the #MeToo era, survivors of sexual assault and harassment are naming names. But as the hashtag has become a global phenomenon, more and more of those names are retaliating by suing their accusers for defamation.

How the messaging app ‘bthere’ became a sexual assault prevention tool

When it comes to preventing sexual assault, it’s clear we need to look for new ways to do so. New companies and projects are employing emerging technologies, like Callisto, which harnesses blockchain technology to store and record information and anonymize records.


Moncton man gained access to his sexual assault victim by babysitting

Court heard the facts surrounding Dillon Turpin's sexual assault, child pornography at sentencing hearing

Former B.C. mayor pleads guilty to 4 sex crimes against youths

A former B.C. mayor has pleaded guilty to four sex offences against youths in Burns Lake.
Luke Strimbold, 28, had been charged with 29 offences over a two-year period against seven victims who were all under 16 years old.

OPINION | Removing minimum sentence for sex crime may seem disgusting, but it's actually more just

On April 18, the Yukon Court of Appeal removed the one-year mandatory minimum sentence associated with the crime of sexual exploitation, finding it in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Goodale calls RCMP's interview with alleged sexual assault victim 'absolutely abhorrent'

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is condemning the actions of an RCMP officer who, in a recently released video, asked a young woman who reported she'd been sexually assaulted whether she was "turned on" during the alleged attack.

The recording dates back to 2012 but was published by APTN News this week.Their story says the interview video was recorded after the minor reported a sexual assault while in the care of the B.C child welfare system.
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Free Handouts 

CTRI has free downloadable handouts for counseling insights and public information. This includes worksheets on self-esteem and anxiety, common myths, a healthy habits log, goal setting, safety planning, and risk assessments.

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Written on the Body

Written by and for trans and non-binary survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, Written on the Body offers support, guidance and hope for those who struggle to find safety at home, in the body, and other unwelcoming places.

This collection of letters written to body parts weaves together narratives of gender, identity, and abuse. It is the coming together of those who have been fragmented and often met with disbelief. The book holds the concerns and truths that many trans people share while offering space for dialogue and reclamation.
Written with intelligence and intimacy, this book is for those who have found power in re-shaping their bodies, families, and lives.

The Courage to Heal Workbook

In this groundbreaking companion to The Courage to Heal, Laura Davis offers an inspiring, in-depth workbook that speaks to all women and men healing from the effects of child sexual abuse. The combination of checklists, writing and art Projects, open-ended questions and activities expertly guides the survivor through the healing process.

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Check out the following newsletters for updates and more information on these organizations:

STOPS Newsletter
STOPS Newsletter


Don't miss out on the following training opportunities:

         End Violence Against Women International’s (EVAWI) 
OnLine Training Institute

EVAWI has developed the OnLine Training Institute (OLTI) to bring state-of-the art training to anyone who is interested, on the topic of criminal justice response to sexual assault. The OLTI provides the opportunity for interested professionals to expand their knowledge of cutting edge developments in the criminal justice and community response to sexual assault, with particular emphasis on those crimes committed by someone who is known to the victim.

The OLTI is FREE. There is no cost to register, enroll, or complete any of the modules.

Their newest module is Forensic Examinations of Sexual Assault Victims and Suspects Role of the Examination in Sex Crimes Investigations, and is designed to improve the use of forensic examinations to collect evidence from the bodies and clothing of both victims and suspects during a sexual assault investigation. 


       Recognizing and Responding to the Commonly Misunderstood Reactions to Sexual Assault

Survivors who experience other common, but less well under-stood reactions, such as pretending that everything is fine, convincing oneself that 'it could have been worse', or maintaining a relationship with the perpetrator after an assault, can be met with disbelief and judgmental comments, further traumatizing the victim.
This curriculum was designed to enhance diverse professionals' knowledge about a range of commonly misunderstood reactions of survivors to sexual assault and how to respond to them.Completing the curriculum will require approximately one hour and a downloadable certificate is available at the end.


PrevenThe 2019 Call for Abstracts is now open for the 2019 Canadian Violence Link Conference!

The Canadian Violence Link Conference, by Humane Canada, is an innovative, ground-breaking conference that examines the link between violence against human beings and animals, looking at the vulnerabilities in both populations and how they intersect. 
Apply to speak at the Canadian Violence Link Conference; November 21st and 22nd at the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto. Deadline to apply is Tuesday, June 4th, 2019. 

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Implications of the Co-occurrence of PTSD & TBI

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 | 1:00-2:15 PM EST

In this webinar, Dr. McFadgion will explore the relationship between TBI and PTSD in the context of IPV and the unique experiences of Black women and considerations for service providers.  


Bisexual Crime Victims: Least Visible, Most at Risk

Monday, June 17
2:00-3:30 PM Eastern Time Zone
 Registration closes June11

Bisexuals make up the largest part of the LGBTQ community, yet are the most invisible and have some of the highest rates of victimization. This webinar will go over the statistics, look at some of the reasons why this population is so invisible and at-risk, and explore the long-term health implications of these facts. We will also begin to explore how the victim service field and LGBTQ advocates can begin to better respond to this population’s unique needs.


Presentation of Male IPV Study Findings

Thursday June 27th 2019 from 9:30 till 11:30 a.m
 Sergeant Tommy Prince Place, 90 Sinclain St.

RESOLVE and the Laurel Centre/Men's Resource Centre are hosting a presentation of the results of the tri-provincial study "The Multi-Faces of Intimate Partner Violence Across the Prairie Provinces: Men as Victims".  The presentation will focus on the findings from the interviews with male survivors and service providers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

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Brief Focused Counselling Skills

 July 23-24, 2019
Saskatoon, SK

This workshop is designed to move beyond general counselling skills and offer increased capacity and confidence to those wanting to expand their existing knowledge base and current skill set. Participants will acquire a deeper understanding of Cognitive Behavioural, Strengths-Based, Narrative, and Solution-Focused counselling frameworks. Practical strategies and techniques from each of these frameworks will be explored, accompanied with experiential opportunities to assess and understand their application within a counselling context.


Stopping It Where It Starts: Disrupting the LGBTQ Polyvictimization Pathway in Childhood

Monday, June 24
2:00-3:30 PM Eastern Time Zone 
Registration closes June 17


This webinar will illuminate how these lifelong victimization patterns start and, more importantly, how adults can easily and safely intervene to make a substantial and long-lasting difference in the life of a bullied LGBTQ child or youth.


Prevention Matters Conference 2019

October 1-2, 2019
Saskatoon, SK

Prevention Matters 2019 will focus on building connections and collaborations across disciplines and across the province, to learn from one another to address healthy child development and well-being. The conference will highlight the role of prevention in health and how knowledge exchange (sharing knowledge in multiple directions and ways) is the foundation to addressing needs and improving health. 



“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”   

- Thomas Jefferson

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